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Key details on parking in Banff

Banff, Alberta, is a beautiful mountain town nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. During your visit to Banff, you'll want to make sure you have a plan for parking. With a limited number of parking spaces in the town itself and a high volume of visitors, finding a place to park can sometimes be a challenge.

There are several options for parking in Banff, including on-street parking, paid lot parking, and free shuttle services. On-street parking is available throughout the town, but it can be limited and is often time-restricted. Paid lot parking is available at several locations in the town, and rates vary depending on the location and duration of your stay. Free shuttle services are also available from some of the park and ride lots located just outside of town.

It's important to note that parking in Banff can be expensive, especially during the peak tourist season. To save money on parking, consider using the free shuttle services or carpooling with others. You can also save money by purchasing a park pass, which allows you to park at any of the national park lots for a set fee.

We hope this information helps you plan your visit to Banff and find a convenient and affordable place to park.

When bringing a vehicle to Banff and staying overnight, remember to purchase a park pass at the park gate just past Canmore!

Enjoy your stay!

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