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Trevor Thomas

Acting as the VP of Sales for ZenContract, Trevor Thomas has been involved in the MSP Channel and IT for almost a decade – although his passion for technology goes back to when he was a kid taking apart the VCR and attempting to put it back together. Upon seeing the community behind the MSP Channel, he decided that this was where he wanted to make a career. Aside from the sheer community aspect he genuinely believes in what MSP’s bring to their clients in the way of keeping their businesses secure and operational.

Session:  Day 2 - 2:00-2:45 am

Session Topic: Your broken contract process is costing you huge! Let’s both solve it and make bank!

For MSP’s there’s a consistent theme of going above and beyond for their clients – providing the latest software stack to ensure security and efficiency are top notch, supplying expert advice to drive the technology conversation forward, and being the guru for all things technology related. However, there’s another theme that isn’t talked about as much – everything internal. Join us to discuss the most common areas that MSP’s put on the backburner, sometimes indefinitely, and how to easily overcome these challenges and the benefits of doing them now instead of revisiting them next quarter, which in turn becomes next quarter, which in turn becomes…

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